Digital Communication

I created content for and managed social media accounts for one Youngstown State University program and two organizations as an Ohio History Service Corps member:

Steel Museum

The Steel Museum's social media pages are a mix of historical photos, informational and promotional graphics, and photos from outreach and events.

YSU History Day

YSU History Day social media focuses not only on the contest but also on important figures from Region 4's five counties. I made an effort to research people of color and women to introduce students and followers to new historical figures.

Ashtabula Maritime & Surface Transportation Museum

I created an Instagram page for the Ashtabula Maritime Museum along with a social media policy for staff who will manage the page in the future. I focused on clean, eye-catching photos of the museum and collection and well-designed graphics to promote events.

Social Media Success

I was able to make the most impact with the Steel Museum's social media. By posting consistent, informative content, I increased Facebook followers by 6%, Instagram followers by 15%, and Twitter followers by 11%. Most importantly, the museum had more summer visitors and didn't experience its usual slow days throughout the summer.

I also increased earned media with followers sharing the museum's posts at higher rates and a local news station featuring the museum in a story after a Facebook event received a lot of attention.

The museum's most engaging post was about its hot strip model model that is currently undergoing cleaning and maintenance. Commenters loved sharing their stories about seeing the model in action back in the day or working with hot strip mills themselves.

Reaching New Audiences

The Steel Museum worked with Dr. Diana Palardy, Department of the World Languages and Cultures at Youngstown State University, and YSU student Brea Tinsely to create a Spanish-language audio tour for the first floor of the museum. I created this graphic to be used on social media and to be printed out and displayed at the museum's entrance allowing visitors to go directly to the audio tour website.